If you have questions or problems, please send us a support ticket.

Which are the official Bot accounts?

There are NO other official accounts and the bots will NEVER request any items. Be warned that there are imposters trying to scam your items. *Never* trade items to them, no matter what they tell you. We *never* request any items from you. Open a support ticket if someone tried to scam you.

My offer did not get calculated/Lost my skins

Please open a support ticket. You will get your items back asap.

My offer does not get accepted

  • Account must be over 6 months old
  • Account must own CS:GO and over 100 hours played
  • Account must not be flagged as scammer/caution on SteamRep.com

How is my bid value determined?

Pricings are provided by SteamAnalyst. Average price of the last 7 days is used.

How is the winner determined?

You get 1 ticket for $0.01 value. The winner is randomly chosen from the ticket pool.

How do I get started?

See the Get started page.

Why was my trade offer declined?

Your offer was declined for the following reasons:
  • Bid includes more than 10 items
  • You requested an item from Bot's inventory (not a gift)
  • Non-CSGO item offered
  • Item has no price in SteamAnalyst

Where do I find my public trade URL?

Go to Privacy and scroll to the bottom. You can copy the URL there.

When is my tradeoffer getting accepted?

First In First Out - Your tradeoffer will be processed shortly.

Is there a cut?

We take a 3% cut on each jackpot for our running costs.

I have won and not received a trade offer.

Be sure to set your Inventory to Public. If the problem persists, please contact the support.